Acne Bootcamp by BB Complexion
What to expect during the acne bootcamp program!
Face Reality's acne bootcamp program has a 90% success rate in a period of 3-4 months. Face reality is one of the main acne skincare lines that helps guide clients in the right direction to healthy & clear skin. Follow up treatments are done bi-weekly for 12-16 weeks in which we will perform chemical peels or a hydrating enzyme, extractions, high frequency, and LED light therapy.
Besides coming in bi-weekly for professional treatments, home care is a very important part of this program. It is mandatory that you only use face reality skin care products while on this program. Be aware that these products are purchased separately and expect to spend $150-$250 on home care regimen and should last you 2-3 months with regular use. 

Acne Bootcamp Results

Results are in from my clients who committed to the acne bootcamp program. This program consists of biweekly appointments and could take from 3-4 months to achieve results.